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Emory Training Requirements

Required Training and Certification for Researchers at Emory

Choose the training below that is appropriate for your clinical trial. All applicable requirements must be met prior to starting the research. See Emory Training Tracking Sheet in Appendix 2 of this Guidebook.

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  1. Basic Life Support with Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for Emory University Research Staff who need it for credentialing at the Office for Clinical Research.
  2. Bloodborne Pathogens for Research for researchers handling or anticipate exposure to human cells, cell lines, blood, tissues, cell cultures, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, or HIV. Training can be find at the Environmental Health and Safety Office
  3. CITI Certification, Biomedical Focus 
    • This must be taken prior to IRB approval and must be maintained every 2 years by taking the Biomedical Refresher Course
    • Create an account and affiliate yourself with Emory, CHOA, or VA
    • CHOA employees are required to take the CHOA Biomedical and Good Clinical Practice Modules
  4. Office for Clinical Research Training Investigators:  
    • Key Concepts of Clinical Research
    • CRCs and Research Nurses:  How to Conduct Clinical Research at Emory: The Basics
  5. Office for Research Compliance HIPAA Security and Research training 
  6. Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR), for some study teams conducting NIH or NSF-funded clinical trials that are required by the contract to obtain RCR training at the Office of Compliance
  7. International Air Transportation Association (IATA) training for study team members who will package or ship “dangerous goods.” Dangerous goods are articles or substances which are capable of posing a risk to health, safety, property or the environment. Training can be found at the Environmental Health and Safety Office
  8. VA Research Training, for study teams using the Atlanta VA Medical Center as a site.  Information on training requirements can be found on the Atlanta Research and Education Foundation website.
  9. Documented study-specific training for each study. Sponsors may provide a training log or you can create your own with the CTAC Training Log template

Optional Training at Emory

  1. Certification of Research Administration at Emory 
  2. CITI GCP training and additional modules 
  3. eIRB training 
  4. Emory Research A to Z (ERAZ) 
  5. Emory Research Management System (ERMS) 
  6. EPEX training 
    Note: After completing the on-line or in-person class, request access to EPEX by completing the EPEX Access form on the OSP website.
  7. Export Control 
  8. Research Matters 


Emory IRB Policies and Procedures, Emory University Policies and Procedures, and HIPAA Security Policy